Cryptocurrency Acquisition

Why cryptocurrency?

As crypto continues to gain momentum, its longer-term implications will come into focus. Crucially, its cryptographic foundation sets the stage for future advances in finance. But, cryptocurrency does not mean that all players must be involved in the big name currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. “Alt” coins can be just as lucrative and quicker to provide you with a more stable monthly residual passive income.

Rooted in decentralized and autonomous systems, cryptocurrencies are creating second-order effects in the financial world. Ultimately, cryptocurrencies are helping to transform finance as we know it—unlocking countless investment opportunities across the global economy. is focused on creating passive income utilizing Eclipcity Global to help the community secure their very own digital assets. Eclipcity is a one of a kind P2P Community based project that allows all participants to earn 1% daily on their contributions to the community.

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Participating in this global phenomenon simply requires that you secure a Tronlink Wallet on your PC or use a Klever Wallet with your mobile device. Both wallets are easy to obtain and can be found by using the Google search engine. Once, you have obtained your wallet and loaded it with the cryptocurrency Tron, you will be ready to register utilizing the below link. There are various ways to obtain Tron cryptocurrency. However, we have found that the simplest way to get Tron is by using the Klever Wallet. Again, using the Google search engine, you will find specific instructions on how to add Tron to your wallet. Of course, this is new to alot of people and there may be more questions than answers right now. is always available to assist as needed.

Though, we are big advocates for passive income, we do understand that many people enjoy building teams and creating a residual passive income. As such, Eclipcity Global offers our community the opportunity to take advantage of team building with its tremendous referral program.